New edition of the AeroFotoFest

Carrasco International Airport hosted a new edition of the AeroFotoFest, a day dedicated to photography lovers and aviation fans organized by Aeropuertos Uruguay, with the support of the portal.

The event was one of the activities organized to celebrate the 15th Safety and Security Week, and it brought together 200 amateur and professional photographers from Uruguay and the region, to give them the opportunity to capture unique images of the country’s main air terminal and its operations.

Takeoffs and landings, a helicopter, firefighters, planes, and the falconry team in action were some of the activities that they had a chance to photograph.

In addition to organizing the AeroFotoFest, Aeropuertos Uruguay carried out different activities throughout the country, which included emergency drills, training sessions, awareness talks and more, with the aim of continuing to promote safety operations in all of its airports.

Once again, 100% of the proceeds from registration fees were donated to Cimientos Uruguay, a civil society organization that promotes equality in education.