Frequently Asked Questions

The data about the estimated times of arrival and departure are managed by the airlines. You can access “Departures” or “Arrivals” to obtain this information or contact our chat online.

In this situation it is advisable to consult the airline or the travel agency. To obtain more information you should enter “Airlines”.

From December 2010 the airport tax has been included in the airfare, with the exception of those passengers in transit.

This can be paid for in American dollars or in Uruguayan pesos and it costs: 

International flights $58.00
Layovers $26.00
National flights $2.00

Security Tax $9.15

Yes, the cards accepted to pay the airport tax are:
– Visa
– Visa Electron
– Master
– Maestro
– Diners
– American Express

To access an exemption of payment from the airport tax please consult directly with the corresponding airline. Take into account that the following are exempt from paying:
– Children younger than two years
– Passengers in transit duly accredited by the airline
– Diplomats and authorities of international organizations, on a reciprocity basis
– Crew members that appear in the flight manifest
– Horary consuls accredited to the Republica Oriental del Uruguay and in accordance with the Decree 45/2000 of 17 February 2000.
– Official guests (Decree 161/985 of 30 April 1985).

For international flights and layovers, you can enter into the country with the following:

No tariff: items of clothing and objects for personal use. Books, newspapers and brochures with no commercial purpose.

Duty-free allowances for other items: There is an exemption for up to $300 dollars for travelers from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile and Paraguay. For travelers from other countries it is up to $500 dollars. This allowance cannot be used more than once a year.

*Duty-free allowence is set at $1.000 dollars, until December 31.

All established duty-free allowances in favor of travelers are individual and non transferable. In the event of people in a conjugal arrangement the allowances cannot be added together for one of them. The allowances are strictly individual.

Passengers under 18 years of age have 50% of the duty-free allowance.

For more information, you can contact the Directorate General of Customs: Central Offices: 2915 9303 Airport offices: 2604 0263 Web page:

Yes. In these cases it is only allowed to bring in items under the import regime and the corresponding sanitary controls.
The passenger is not permitted to enter with the following items:

– Plants: parts of thereof, or related products
– Fresh fruits and vegetables
– Seeds, crafts made with seeds or vegetable products
– Flowers, ornamental plants and in vitro cultures
– Soil, fruit trees, horticultural crops, fodder crops, forestry products, or parts thereof: branches, cuttings, spikes, bulbs, buds or others.
– Animals, products and by-products
– Liquid milk (except long life), butter, eggs, cream and cheese
– Domestic animals, birds, exotic specimens, bees and others
– Meat of any kind, cold meats and sausages
– Food for animals and biological or veterinary products
– Flammables, alkaloids, narcotics, obscene objects, subversive material or pornography
– Goods as belongings that do not actually belong to the passenger

– Exception: Personal effects in use of residents in the Customs Territory, that died abroad, always with verified documented proof of the deceased.
Merchandise that does not constitute luggage or is subject to prohibitions or restrictions of a non economic nature.

*From Mercosur, American and European countries (Cats and Dogs).

You must apply for a health certificate from the Ministry of Livestock in the country of origin that states the health conditions of the animal and the rabies vaccine. The animal and the certificate will be presented in the Animal Health Control Office, a dependant of the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries, on entering national territory.

From other countries: Pets (Cats and Dogs) An entrance authorization must be done prior to entering our country, where the health conditions will be set, to be fulfilled by the country of origin. In the case of breeders’ dogs or cats or any other species (birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, etc) an importation authorization must be previously obtained from the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries (MGAP- Departamento de Control de Comercio Internacional (Department of International Trade Control) -Constituyente 1476 Floor 2 Tel. 412 6338).

The animal health controls and the documentation will be carried out by the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries on entering national territory. Likewise, for the transportation of live animals from Carrasco International Airport within our country and with the purpose of avoiding possible inconveniences at the airport of destination, and also to know the current requirements to transport animals on regional or international flights, it is suggested to contact MGAP at:
Central Office: 2410 4155
Airport Office: 2604 0320
Web page:

Airlines might have different policies regarding excess luggage for their regional or international flights.”

All users of this airport have trolleys, at their disposition, to carry luggage and other effects in both arrivals and departures.

* Global Exchang: located in the Arrivals Hall, exchanges currencies 24 hrs. Tel: 08009500.

In regard to costs, residencies, minors’ permits, visas, statistics and inspectors, you can contact the National Directorate of Immigration:

Central Office: 2916 0471 o 2916 0730
Airport Office: 2604 0322
Web page:

The Customer Service / Information department has a 24 hour service.

For international flights, we suggest to be 3 hours before departure.

In this case it is advisable to consult the travel agency or the different airlines. For more information you should enter “Services” or “Airlines.

Get in contact with National Air Police: tel: 26040329 ext 1211/1233 ( it doesn´t include lost objects in the parking).

Also, you can enter  and make your claim. Or you can reach out by sending an email to:

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