Departure Tax

The Airport Tax can be paid for in American dollars or Uruguayan Pesos. The airport tax is included in the final cost emitted by the airline with which you travel.


International U$S 58,00
International Flights

Layovers U$S 26,00
Flights to Buenos Aires (Aeroparque)

Nactional Flights U$S 2,00

Security Price U$S 9,15

Exemptions of the cost of the Airport Tax

Exemptions of the Annex F of the Integral Management Regime supplementary to Decree 376/02 regulating Law 17.555 for concept of the Price of Airport tax:

*Diplomats and authorities of international organizations on a reciprocal basis.
*Children under the age of 2 years.
*Honorary Consuls accredited by the República Oriental de Uruguay and in accordance with the decree 45/2000 of 17 February 2000.
*Official guests Decree 161/985 of 30 Abril 1985.

In Transit
Refund of Airport Tax
To be able to do so it is necessary to present the bill and the barcode of the boarding pass.
Only for meteorological reasons.
24 hours after the payment there is no refund.