What is Express Pass?

Express Pass is the innovative virtual queue system at Carrasco Airport, you can now reserve your time slot to go through security checks. This way, you can secure your place in line before your flight and enjoy a more comfortable and efficient experience.

This service is free, and you can reserve your spot up to 90 minutes before your flight. Check in advance if your flight is available for this service on our booking platform.

How do I use Express Pass?


Appointments are available from 5 hours to 90 minutes before departure. Slots are limited and may book up fast so we recommend booking up to three days before your flight.

  1. Schedule your appointment up to 3 days before your scheduled departure OR sign up at the airport by scanning the QR code on Express Pass signs throughout the airport.

  2. You’ll receive a QR code in your email that you can use when you arrive at your scheduled time.

  3. Head to the security checkpoint at your scheduled appointment time! The airport staff will scan your QR code so you can enter the preferential line.

Yes, it’s completely free for all passengers! There is no account or membership required to use Express Pass.

Express Pass has limited appointments available, we recommend trying to reserve your time as early as possible, reservations can be made up to three days before your flight. Slots are available from 5 hours to 90 minutes before the scheduled flight time since we want to assure that passengers still have time to arrive well before boarding.

Not all flights and schedules may be eligible to use Express Pass.

Yes! When you arrive at the airport, you will see Express Pass signs with a QR code which you can scan and set up an appointment.

We offer a grace period of 10 minutes before and after the appointment time, so you may arrive any time during the 10-minute window and enter the line. If you arrive more than 10 minutes past your appointment time, it would be best to reschedule your appointment (based on availability), or you may enter through the regular queue lanes.

Yes! Passengers traveling with a group may book on behalf of the other passengers in their traveling party by specifying the total party size in the booking process. The maximum group size eligible to enter under one appointment is 6 passengers.

There is no account registration or login required! Passengers utilizing the service will be asked to select the date of departure, destination airport, airline, flight number and party size. Lastly, they will be asked to provide an email to receive the appointment confirmation with the QR code as an attachment.

Yes! After you’ve made your initial appointment you will be able to access the confirmation email which contains a button to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

When signing up make sure that your email is typed correctly and to check your inbox’s junk or spam folders just in case! If you’re still unable to find your appointment information after registering you can sign up again for another appointment.